Anupam marched with success by redefining the concept of service that was pre-existent during its inception into the field of marketing of Flavour and Fragrance ingredients.

With the passage of time the Indian Flavour and Fragrance Industry has unfolded from an unorganized industry to a semi organized platform today. Anupam repeatedly endeavored to create superior standards using vision, technology & man-power. Anupam believes in setting new benchmarks and surpass them with several (self) new benchmarks.


Being aware of the fact that it is the buying partners who establish the future success of a business, Anupam has always emphasized on service enhancement as a vendor. Anupam works as an extension of the buyers’ purchase department.

In days of less availability of information and before the internet could make economical plethora of information available, Anupam passed information regarding products available worldwide & products manufactured in India, through various media. Anupam proudly has the largest circulation of samples, technical information.

The most phenomenal and most difficult service provided by Anupam to the customers has been time tested, to un-interruptedly deliver the synchronized flow of required materials and information of more than 30 domestic companies, most having different company policies, ideologies, systems of performance, scale of operations i.e. uniting more than 30 business philosophies, several being entrepreneurial which are the most difficult mindsets, than economics.

Anupam has proudly contributed to the development of several customers across various industries, in locations which were so called “small & regional” by helping them to transform into a respected recognized name in today’s time. Anupam has always assumed the responsibility of un-interrupted supplies to its loyal buying partners during scarcity & price hike trends.


Anupam ensures a continuous & genuine information flow and trend of the market, products, financial situations of buying partners etc. to the selling partners, thereby empowering the latter to take healthy decisions. Anupam performs the role of extension of Administration, Marketing & Advertising Department of these selling partners. The info flow helps the selling partners to take micro to macro decisions, current to future plans, etc.

Having made marketing and distribution economical, the selling partners willingly accept the services offered by Anupam, which brings transparency in transactions. This reinstates the selling partners’ confidence in Anupam being able to maintain a balance between both sides of the supply chain.


Anupam has given concepts to the industry which weren’t prevalent earlier. Moving away from a “then prevalent” trader-entrepreneurial behaviour, Anupam has always been working at finding the most economical balances in transactions.

By diligently & confidently handling their marketing responsibilities, Anupam allowed manufacturers to concentrate on better production processes or new developments, which have benefited the Industry. Anupam created a non-existent business model of logistic support & continuous support the industry with over 1000 products, available at economic costs, flexibilities of packaging, etc. Anupam undertakes research of the qualities of products, extinction or scarcity of products & bringing in alternative solutions. Being available and accessible to New entrants and smallest segments of business has helped the Industry to welcome and grow.


Anupam understands its social obligations even on the path of growth. While creating better facilities for its team members, Anupam is regularly involved in donations & sponsorships.

 By delivering products at economical margins & creating such a bench mark, the consumers at large have & are being benefited.